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[Who Pops It Best?] CL vs. Jay Park vs. Yoon Doo Joon

It looks like CL, Jay Park and Yoon Doo Joon are fans of Ground Zero, or at least their stylists are.

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[Who Pops It Best] Lee Na-young vs. Yoona

Actress Lee Na-young and Girls Generation‘s Yoona, were both spotted wearing the same Burberry dress on different occasions.

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[Who Pops It Best?] Son Dam-bi Vs. Seo In-young Vs. Suzy

Son Dam-bi, Seo In-young and Suzy of Miss A were seen wearing the same dress from Johnny Hates Jazz 2010 Fall Collection, on different occasions.

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[Who pops it best?] Lee Na-young vs. UEE


Actress Lee Na-young and After School’s UEE were seen in the same trench coat at two very different places. The trenchcoat is a part of the Burberry Prorsum 2010 Spring/Summer Collection.

Lee Na-young wore the trenchcoat during the movie premiere of “Daddy Likes Girls” back in December, while UEE wore it for the March issue of “Vogue” magazine. Lee Na-young often called “Goddess” wore it as a dress and looked feminine, accompanying the coat with a vintage leather belt and strappy heels. “Honey thighs” UEE looked more casual as her concept for the Vogue photoshoot was sports and fashion. Accordingly, she was photographed with a rugby ball and exaggerated hair and makeup. UEE could have gone without the two belts across her waist, but nonetheless, she looked edgy. Both Lee Na-young and UEE both pulled off very different metallic looks with the same Burberry trenchcoat. But who do you think wore it better?

[Who pops it best] Big Bang brothers: G-dragon vs Taeyang


Big Bang members, G-dragon (left) and Taeyang (right) work separate stages at the SBS Inkigayo on October 25th. With his peroxide locks and British pop inspired look, G-dragon performed his next single, “A boy.”  In contrast, Taeyang goes west with his hiphop influences for the track, “Where u at.”

So who pops it best in terms of style and substance? G-dragon or Taeyang?

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[Who pops it best?] Rain vs Jaebom


“It” in this case refers to not the style of dress (although similar) but to the body feel-up move by pop acts Rain (left) and 2PM’s Jaebom at the Boryeong Mud Festival Concert on July 12th. Who does the move sexier?

You decide…

Who pops the mirrored glasses best? Son Dambi vs Lady Gaga?


What’s new about the concept from Son Dambi’s new album? Nothing much. Son Dambi channels Lady Gaga’s mirror glasses/mask in the hopes that her music will also climb high on the charts. But will that happen? Who knows…