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Ryu Shi Won puts on the producer pants for female artist Rottyful Sky

Korean actor and singer, Ryu Si Won will become a record producer for artist Rottyful Sky.  Ryu Si Won revealed that Rottyful Sky has been preparing for her debut for the past 8 years and she is ready for her comeback since her first debut in 2001 at the age of 13, with her first album “Voice of Purity.”

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Stars Flashy Flashy at 2007 Golden Disk Awards


With each awards show, the length of the skirts seems to be getting shorter and shorter. And this time, 2007 Best Dresser award winner Han Hyo-ju gives us a glimpse of what’s underneath all that glam.

While flimsy micro minis were worn by some, other female stars stuck it out with longer lengths. Overall, showing off skin was de rigeur despite the freezing temperatures. It’s at times like this, it’s good to be a guy and fully clothed.

Winner of the Grand Prix for the 2007 Golden Disk Awards went to SG Wannabe. Two-timer Ivy also picked up an award for the Best Digital Sound.

For the list of award winners, click here (in Korean).

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Ryu Si Won and Kim Jung Hoon are flower boys

10.15 pretty boys

Was it necessary for these pretty faced singers to stick a picture with flowers as their album covers? Not really, but Ryu Si Won and Kim Jung Hoon didn’t think so. Ryu also named his sixth album “Flower Necklace” to rub his pretty face in our faces. Luckily, Kim maintained some testosterone for this first album by naming it “Endless Sorrow.” I don’t care what they do in Japan, but they better ditch the flowers when they come back to home sweet home.