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Shin Hye-sung gets in trouble with the law


The ex-idol member gets busted for gambling.

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Shinhwa celebrates 10th anniversary with the rainbow


Is there a better way to show say good-bye than to wear the colors of the rainbow at your last concert? Shinhwa, Korea’s longest running group, doesn’t think so. Wearing tight rainbow colored clothes, the six legendary members gathered for the “Shinhwa Must Go On 10th Anniversary Live” concert.

The performance lasted three and half hours with encore numbers and touching moments that lead to waterworks for Shinhwa and fans alike.

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When will we see Shinhwa as one again?


Korea’s hottest boyband Shinhwa is back as one again, but you better enjoy it while it lasts because it won’t comeback for another three to four years. Eric and Dongwan have to enlist in the army next year and the rest will join soon, which means that although we’ll see them through their solo activities, it’s going to be a long wait until we see all six at the same time.

“2007 JAPAN SHINHWA FOREVER” concert was a huge success, attracting 8,000 fans at Osaka and over 26,000 fans at Saitama. Shinhwa will hold another concert in Shanghai, China this weekend for their Chinese fans, but they are making Koreans fans wait until March of next year.

Shinhwa also plans to release a full album next year, to celebrate their 10th year anniversary.

Enjoy more pictures and vote for your favorite Shinhwa member after the jump.
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Shinhwa finally returns as one


Korea’s longest running boyband, Shinhwa is back after 11 months of solo activities to release their winter project album. The six Shinhwas look fresh with their new cuts and outfits, but they are no different from pretty boys populating the entertainment business these days. But I give them props for finding six different ways to hold, look and place a wine glass. Brilliant.

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What really happened at MKMF?


Two days after the 2007 Mnet KM Music Festival, the truths behind the glamour are surfacing, angering not only the singers but also the fans. So what really happened at MKMF?

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The 8th SBS-Nongshim Love Share Concert


Korea’s favorite idols, their respective fans, SBS and Nongshim, a domestic food company gathered at Seoul Olympic Stadium to share the love (or ramen) with those in need yesterday.

The SBS-Nongshim Love Share Concert is a charity concert held every year, which charges only two bags of ramen. (Yeah, it’s that cheap!) The thousands of ramen collected from the concert are distributed to those in need, primarily the elderly and orphans in impoverished neighborhoods.

If you weren’t able to participate in this heart-warming charity event, we encourage you to donate to your local charities. Check out the K-pop stars who attended this event.

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Shin Hye Sung’s plastic fantastic adventure

10.27 shin2

Female celebs aren’t the only ones vain enough to go under the knife. Many male celebrities share that weakness and Shin Hye Sung is one of them. I’m not sure when his transformation occurred, but it’s apparent from the not so cool hip hop wannabe picture from early Shinhwa days that this balladeer did in fact go under the knife. The new double eye lids made Shin Hye Sung look friendlier and more approachable, but they also made him look a lot older with excessive number of eye wrinkles. But I gotta give Shin credit for keeping his new eyes a low profile, until now. Was Shin Hye Sung’s transformation necessary?

Was Shin Hye Sung’s plastic fantastic adventure necessary?
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2) No – He looked fine before
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