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So Ji-sub, Yoo Seung-ho: Really Look Like Brothers

Now a little bit older, Yoo Seung-ho is looking more and more like So Ji-sub as time goes on. After two long years, the two actors met again for the filming of the commercial for the kimchi refrigerator brand Dimchae. Read the rest of this entry »


So Ji-sub and Han Ji-min are Getting Married!

At least everyone else seems to think so.

There is quite a lot of speculation that So Ji-sub and Ha Ji-min will soon be walking down the aisle together. The “Cain and Abel” co-stars have been spotted wearing matching couple rings on the pinky finger.

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So Ji-sub hoping to marry


..before he turns fourty, he has eight years left. Go hit him up, ladies.

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All eyes on So Ji-sub and Gong Hyo-jin

sojisub gong hyojin_hannah_20090611

Take a look at the two celebrities that will be receiving the first ‘Rising Star Asia Award‘ at the upcoming ‘New York Asian Film Festival’s ‘Korean Film Night’ on June 24th.

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So Ji-sub is looking for his bride


Looking like someone you would bring home to the parents, Read the rest of this entry »

So Ji-sub in movie is a movie


So Ji-sub is back with a new movie, confusingly called “A Movie is a Movie,” (영화는 영화다) directed by Jang Hoon. The press conference for the film was held at Ehwa Women’s University on August 12th 2008.

In the film, So Ji-sub plays a real gangster while Kang Ji-hwan plays a actor who is famous for his gangster roles. Ok, such a movie can work.

But, check out a short movie clip-with the cheesy drama music in the background, it seems that“A movie is a movie” is more like a love story than a tough action film (BTW, this is NOT the trailer, but POPSEOUL! can imagine that the movie will be similar).

“A movie is a movie” will fight its way into Korean theaters on September 11, 2008.


So Ji-sub needs money


Why? Because So Ji-sub is going to be the face of little known domestic men’s brand, Sieg Fahrenheit. Poor guy. While others are getting calls from global brands or even creating their own brands (think Lee Jong-jae & Jung Woo-sung), Ji-sub has to make ends meet with a name I can barely pronounce in English let alone in Korean. In the mother tongue, “Fahrenheit” becomes “Parenheit”. puhaha.

Now that’s a classy name that will sell lots of cheap suits.

Check out So Ji-sub’s photo spread in the woman’s fashion monthly, W Magazine (Korea, November 2007) based the concept of the U.S. film, Brown Bunny. Many consider it as the worst movie ever. The photos were taken by famous photog who is known for his provocative style, Terry Richardson.

Warning! some pictures should not to be seen by the young and innocent. Seriously. (But, doesn’t that make you want to click more?)

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