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Kim Hyun-joong hits the books

And you know what that means…

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Park Jung-min discovers his beauty for JN NEOTERIC

Meet Mr. Gorgeous!
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Heo Young-saeng: “Let It Go”

SS501’s Heo Young-saeng recently released the music video for his first single “Let It Go and his very first solo mini album. Now, what is the concept of this music video? He enters a restaurant/upscale club, dances a bit, and then ducks outside. I’m not going to disclose the ending, but I’m very disappointed in his music video. I expected something more extravagant and appealing to the eyes than his fellow members’ (Park Jung-min and Kim Hyung-jun) videos. Jung-min‘s was intriguing, and Hyung-jun‘s was not only surprising but also entertaining. Honestly, this is a tad boring. Where’s the energy?

What do you think of “Let It Go“?

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Park Jung-min + Makeup = Girl

SS501’s Park Jung-min attended the recent launching party for Puma‘s spring/summer collection, but some fans were stunned by his makeup. Is it a girl? Is it a guy?! Read the rest of this entry »

Kim Hyung-joon’s Backup Dancer Looks Like Gu Hara?

As Kim Hyung-joon has been doing performances for his solo album, his backup dancer has been gaining attention for resembling a certain female idol. Read the rest of this entry »

Who is the most popular in China?

Based on a Chinese website (, there was a survey on “Who is the most effective Asian star” and well according to the results; the most popular Asian star in China is…… Read the rest of this entry »

Kim Hyunjoong has a complex about his face?

When you think about Kim Hyunjoong, what crosses your mind first? Is it his perfect appearance? Is it his irresistible charm? Or is it his unique 4-dimensional way of thinking?

Being known as “Korea’s Prince Charming” due to his roles in the dramas Boys over Flowers and Playful Kiss, Kim Hyunjoong went to Singapore to promote for The Face Shop as the new ambassador for the popular Korean cosmetic brand last week.

To the question “If there is one thing he would change about his appearance”, he answered:

“I don’t really have any particular part of my face that I wish to change. But I do have a complex about my face. I just don’t think that it’s perfect but I feel that’s what gives me my identity, so I’m satisfied the way I am.”

In this interview taken from a Singaporean newspaper, the leader of SS501 revealed his thoughts about his love life, appearance and even shared some beauty tips with the readers. 

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