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Yang-pa makes a horrific comeback


Not because she sings bad, FYI.

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Pop or flop: Yangpa wears a brush


Holy moly! Either woman is brave or blind cauz what she is wearing belongs at a car wash. You know what I am talking about – the colorful brushes that whips your car clean at the automatic car wash. Maybe she took a wrong turn somewhere?

Actually, Yangpa seems to always make the wrong turns in fashion.

Yangpa performed at the DFS Lotte Family Concert in Busan on February 16th, 2008.

Pop or Flop: Yangpa as a car wash brush

1) Pop: That’s original and avant garde
2) Flop: That’s just mad crazy
3) Can’t decide

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Rain agrees to perform only after a big fat paycheck


After signing with Lotte Duty Free as their spokesperson for the next year, the dancing magician aka Rain agreed to perform at the “2008 Lotte DFS Family Concert.” The concert celebrates “2008 Hallyu Tourism Exchange” and other artists, such as Lee Seung Hwan, Yangpa and renowned pianist Isao Sasaki will also perform with Pinky.

It seems like Rain is sticking to “perform after payment” strategy after his concert fiasco last year, which is surprisingly, very smart. Instead of creating new music and taking risks, he’s recycling his old songs to make some dough.

You can check out the “2008 Lotte DFS Family Concert” at Busan BEXCO Center on February 16th.

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Year end 2007 SBS Music Awards


Lee Hyori has got to be laughing at the bib.

The SBS Music Awards rounded up the best in music on one stage. Big name music acts showed their stuff by singing covers of hit songs from the past and present –Big Bang, Yangpa, 1tym, Jinusean, Epik High, Wondergirls, JYP, Girl’s Generation, Baek Ji-young, Chae Yeon, Suh In-young, SG Wannabe, FT Island, Stephanie, Cherry Filter, Clazziquai etc.

Some of the big names (under the same management) came together to share the same stage – JYP Entertainment (JYP and Wondergirls), YG Family (Jinusean, Se7en, 1tym Big Bang) and SM Entertainment.

MC’s of the night were the sexy Lee Hyori and the bib wearing Lee Hui-jae.

Check out the music and style.

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Stars Flashy Flashy at 2007 Golden Disk Awards


With each awards show, the length of the skirts seems to be getting shorter and shorter. And this time, 2007 Best Dresser award winner Han Hyo-ju gives us a glimpse of what’s underneath all that glam.

While flimsy micro minis were worn by some, other female stars stuck it out with longer lengths. Overall, showing off skin was de rigeur despite the freezing temperatures. It’s at times like this, it’s good to be a guy and fully clothed.

Winner of the Grand Prix for the 2007 Golden Disk Awards went to SG Wannabe. Two-timer Ivy also picked up an award for the Best Digital Sound.

For the list of award winners, click here (in Korean).

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The Winners at 2007 Mnet KM Music Festival (MKMF)


Korea’s most wanted k-pop stars paraded to Jamsil Olympic Stadium yesterday to attend Korea’s biggest music event, 2007 Mnet KM Music Festival (MKMF) in the pouring rain. The results were somewhat expected, but it’s also creating a fan-war online. Who do you think bagged the most number of awards?

Who bagged the most number of awards at MKMF?
1) Epik High
2) Big Bang
3) FT Island
4) Super Junior
5) JYP
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The 8th SBS-Nongshim Love Share Concert


Korea’s favorite idols, their respective fans, SBS and Nongshim, a domestic food company gathered at Seoul Olympic Stadium to share the love (or ramen) with those in need yesterday.

The SBS-Nongshim Love Share Concert is a charity concert held every year, which charges only two bags of ramen. (Yeah, it’s that cheap!) The thousands of ramen collected from the concert are distributed to those in need, primarily the elderly and orphans in impoverished neighborhoods.

If you weren’t able to participate in this heart-warming charity event, we encourage you to donate to your local charities. Check out the K-pop stars who attended this event.

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