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“High Kick Season 3” is Halfway with Casting

The third season of the popular daily comedy series “High Kick” is halfway through casting, according to the production team. Who will be in the spotlight this season? Read the rest of this entry »


Asia Song Festival 2010 Full Coverage

The Asia Song Festival, UNICEF, and G20 Summit planners teamed up this time to bring out the free 2010 Asia Song Festival Let’s Go! G20 Concert. Though the name is painstakingly long, the line up is equally impressive. Performers include K-Pop idols Boa, Rain, Lee Seung-chul, KARA, 2AM, 4Minute, BEAST, Teen Top, Rainbow, E.via, Kim Yeo-hee (iPhone Girl), Nine Muses, and Arie Band. Also, other Asian idols were present, with Japan’s AKB48, China’s Jane Zhang, Taiwan’s Joe Cheng, Malaysia’s Michael Wong, and Thailand’s Bie the Star.

If that list doesn’t excite you enough, jump in and read the rest of the post for performance photos, videos, and full coverage. Read the rest of this entry »

POPSEOUL! News Flash: January 18


Plastic lover, Park Shi Yeon’s 2000 Miss Korea pictures are resurfacing and what a transformation from 2000! Then again, she looks different every other month because her nose has a life of its own, just like our Neverland friend MJ.

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Louis Vuitton Grand Store Opening at Hyundai Department Store


The one thing that is great about launching parties is seeing which stars turn out. The bigger the brand, the bigger the stars, and the bigger the goodie bags – in LV’s case- most likely bags! For the launch of the LV store at Hyundai Department Store in the prestigious neighborhood, Apku-jong, the high rollers were in full force – Check it out

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Hallyu Romantic Festival


Korea’s hottest celebs including Jang Hyuk, Gong You, Yoon Kae Sang, Zo In Sung, Ji Jin Hee and Cha Tae Hyun all gathered together for the Hallyu Romantic Festival held in Japan over the weekend. Since actors usually can’t show their acting talent on stage, they prepared their own “show and tell.” read more

What line are you?

Koreans, especially young netizens love to create new words to describe the latest trend. There are new word or catch phrase created every other week that I don’t even try to keep up, but observing the creation of new words used to describe beautiful bodies over couple of months has been somewhat entertaining, hence this post.

It started out with Korea’s obsession of S-Line or women’s curvy figure. Chopstick figured body was out and glamour was in. Every female celeb on TV tried to show off their S-Line and if they didn’t have it, they would even pose a certain way to look like they had it. Then, male celebs got on the “let’s show off our beautiful bodies” bandwagon and started to flash us with their perfect abs and the word M-Line was formed to describe their fine abs.




One line word per gender, not bad. But it started to get out of hand when BoA‘s face was referred as the V-Line and singer Byul’s lower back as the U-Line.



What’s next? The I-line for your legs and E-line for your fingers? Seriously, somebody needs to put a break into this silly word formations. It’s not creative nor catchy. What’s worse is that nobody’s going to understand what the heck you are talking about when you say, “I love your V-line, can I have your number?” outside Korea.

Will Eru give in to the temptation to act?

Actually, the question we should be asking is why are directors tempting Eru to act? We understand that he has a solid fan base, thanks to his successful albums, but that’s certainty not enough to succeed in the acting business. Last time I checked, musical talent does not magically transform into acting skills overnight and we’ve seen too many singers such as Se7en, Lee Hyori, Yoon Gae Sang (ex. g.o.d member), Kim Dong Wan (Shinhwa), etc fail at it. If Eru enters the acting sphere, he might just be another addition to the “singers not actors” club, but read more