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Cube Entertainment opens a new Facebook page


There isn’t much to say other than “YAY!”

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06/18 Music Core Performances


June 18th, 16 artists and groups performed @ Music Core.

B2ST, 5dolls, & Heo Young Saeng performed their last promotion today! Let’s wish they make another comeback soon.

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BEAST wins a third time on Mnet M! Countdown!

No one can beat “Fiction”!
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BEAST sweeps the K-chart with “Fiction”

Where is BEAST these days? The boy band made their comeback a couple of weeks ago and they have been on the bestseller list ever since.
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BEAST returns with “Fiction” and “Rain”

Recently, BEAST released their latest mini album “Fact and Fiction”. The animal-like singers chose the single “Fiction” to represent their unwillingness to give up the girls they love.  The MV was released along with the album and they made Friction with their feet, while “Fiction” played on the screen.

Yesterday, they performed “Fiction” and “The Day That Rain Comes” for the very first time on Mnet M! Countdown!. How would you rate their performances?

What are the English lyrics to the song?  Check out their English Subbed MV for “Fiction” below:

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[POLL RESULTS] What is the most amazing “Fanclub Name”?


After almost a month, the poll deadline is here. I think you guys would be shocked to see who got the top 3.

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B2st “SHOCK” the RecoChoku!

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