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06/18 Music Core Performances


June 18th, 16 artists and groups performed @ Music Core.

B2ST, 5dolls, & Heo Young Saeng performed their last promotion today! Let’s wish they make another comeback soon.

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Heo Young-saeng: “Let It Go”

SS501’s Heo Young-saeng recently released the music video for his first single “Let It Go and his very first solo mini album. Now, what is the concept of this music video? He enters a restaurant/upscale club, dances a bit, and then ducks outside. I’m not going to disclose the ending, but I’m very disappointed in his music video. I expected something more extravagant and appealing to the eyes than his fellow members’ (Park Jung-min and Kim Hyung-jun) videos. Jung-min‘s was intriguing, and Hyung-jun‘s was not only surprising but also entertaining. Honestly, this is a tad boring. Where’s the energy?

What do you think of “Let It Go“?

Source: b2ment

Heo Young-saeng debuts with “Let It Go”…..

the teaser!

SS501 member/ B2M Entertainment talent Heo Young-saeng makes his debut on May 12th. The singer is still recovering from his hand injury,however, he is determined to show off his new routine to his dedicated fans. 4minute’s HyunA (for the song “Let It Go”) and fellow Double S member Kim Kyu-jong contributed to the current solo singer’s album in their individual ways.

Young-saeng may be an injured young man at the moment, but in this teaser he portrays the cool and aloof player. Who is this ultimate playboy?

Sources: B2M Ent Official Youtube Channel and @seanalexander23

Heo Young-saeng gets injured in rehearsal

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Heo Young-saeng preps for his comeback!

“Let It Go”, Heo Young-saeng!
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SS501’s Heo Young-saeng makes dreams come true!

Well, at least my dream.
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Park Jung-min releases another album next month!

Didn’t he just make his solo debut?
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