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ChocoLAT debuts their “Syndrome” on M Countdown

Are you ready for interracial K-pop?
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Isak Tweets Behind-The -Scenes Images Of Spring Awakening

Is she….. describing childbirth? Or, does she have immeasurable gas?
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Isak releases “Spring Awakening” poster!

The 19th Century German play about discovering sexuality will finally make its debut in Seoul!
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Isak tweets “h*** week”!

The “Spring Awakening” musical star does not seem to be loving work these days.
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Kpopulous opens their “Mighty Mouth”!

Arirang‘s newest television short show entitled “Kpopulous” will be featured on Isak‘s old stomping ground “Pops In Seoul. In celebration of their launching, the show opened a twitter account, a YouTube Channel and invited fans all over the world to join them.

Kpopulous stated the following on their twitter’s bio:

“[ArirangTV] The official twitter of K-Populous, a NEW program of Pops in Seoul. Be updated with K-pop Stars’ stories! Every THURSDAY on ArirangTV”

Are you a fan of Arirang and/or Pops In Seoul? Then, check out their premiere episode above and enjoy Big Bang’s competitor’s of the week….Mighty Mouth!


Source: @Kpopulous

Pops in Seoul’s new VJ is NS Yoon-ji!

She may have been working for a few weeks now,but what is your opinion of Isak‘s replacement?
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Meet Isak’s fitness coach!

“off to more ouchness at the gym….
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