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ChocoLAT debuts their “Syndrome” on M Countdown

Are you ready for interracial K-pop?
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B1A4 releases a MV for “Only learned bad things”


Finally, B1A4 released a MV for their hit song, “Only Learned Bad Things”.

Since they performed this song on Music Core, everyone wanted to see a MV for the song. And finally, they made what their fans want.

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Cube Entertainment opens a new Facebook page


There isn’t much to say other than “YAY!”

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8eight is back with a brand new song


Finally, 8eight is back after a whole year!

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[Poll] Who do you think Amber would couple up with?


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[Member Profile] B1A4


B1A4 is a new boy band that is founded by WM Entertainment. They are a 5 member boy group.

Why are they called B1A4? Well, only one member, Baro, has Blood type B, and all the other 4 members have Blood type A. It basically stand for, B the One, A for Four.

They debuted on April 21st/2011 with their song, O.K off their album, Let’s Fly.

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06/18 Music Core Performances


June 18th, 16 artists and groups performed @ Music Core.

B2ST, 5dolls, & Heo Young Saeng performed their last promotion today! Let’s wish they make another comeback soon.

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