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Super Junior has a “simplistic” second win on M Countdown

By a show of hands comments, who predicted this week’s winner? Who can predict next week’s winner?
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ChocoLAT debuts their “Syndrome” on M Countdown

Are you ready for interracial K-pop?
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SNSD “Hoots” their love on “Music Bank In Tokyo – K-Pop Festival”

You better “Hoot Hoot” or “Run Devil Run”!
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F(x) turns into Girls Generation for their “Hot Summer” MV

I see your typical girl group all over this video!
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SHINee teases with “Replay”…. Again!

Their 2008 hit returns! This time around, the SME boy band’s single “Replay” has been re-recorded in Japanese and they even incorporated all the clothes from their previous Korean MVs and wore them again. Can you see “Juliette”, “Ring Ding Dong”, and “Hello” written all over SHINee’s latest fashions ensembles?

On June 22nd, SHINee will officially release the first single to kick off their debut in Japan. They are crossing over and SNSD’s Yoo-na takes Victoria‘s Noona role in the newly revamped international video version.

EMI Japan released the teaser on May 16th. What do you think about SHINee “Replaying” their hit overseas and Jong-hyun returning to the dance floor?

Source: EMI Music Japan Official YouTube Channel

Yuri Lost Weight

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“Take Off” with 2pm and ride home with SNSD’s “Mr. Taxi”

2pm and SNSD have just released the full MVs for their Japanese singles.
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