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The best of POPSEOUL! is here. Enjoy!

Awards & Festivals
Year end 2007 SBS Music Awards
2007 MBC Drama Awards
Stars Flashy Flashy at 2007 Golden Disk Awards
The Winners at 2007 Mnet KM Music Festival (MKMF)
Star Summit Asia at 2007 Pusan International Film Festival
The 14th Korea Entertainment Arts Award
Stars under bad lighting at the Korea TV AD Festival

Best Lists
Korea’s top ssang-ul actresses
Korea’s top 5 sexiest stars
Shape magazine’s pick of Korea’s best bodies

Concert Reviews
Asia Song Festival Concert
2007 Asia Song Festival Press Conference
Super Junior at Asia Song Festival
2007 Mnet 20s Choice Awards
2007 Mnet 20s Choice Awards Part II
We got a piece of Lee Hyori in NYC
U-Clean Concert – Warm Digital World
Dream Concert
KM World Concert

Hallyu Events
Korea’s best celebs impress Japan
Hallyu Romantic Festival

Plastic Fantasic
Park Shi-yeon accessorizes her face with new noses
What happened to Shoo?
When’s the best time to go under the knife?
Honey Lee sweetens Miss Universe pageant
Kim Ajoong was not always so pretty….
Say hi to Hwanhee’s new nose, eyes and girl
Only the nose knows: Park Shiyeon
Help! Plastic surgeons are out of ideas!
So you want to look like Hyori…

Red Carpet Style
Slits and ….. at 2007 Blue Dragon Film Awards
Part I: 2007 Pusan International Film Festival Red Carpet Couples
Part II: Cleavages and suits at 2007 Pusan International Film Festival
Part III: Goodies at 2007 Pusan International Film Festival
Part IV: Red Carpet Trail at 2007 Pusan International Film Festival
The 15th Chunsa Film Festival
Style at the 44th Daejong Film Awards
43rd Paeksang Arts Award Red Carpet
Star style at Paeksang Arts Awards I: The dress
Star style at Paeksang Arts Awards II: Shoes and bags

Runway Style
Stars model Adidas Spring 2008 fashions
A beauty at the LG Cyon Viewty Launching Show
Stars stylish at Elle Korea 15th Anniversary Party
Jeans rule at Diesel Fashion Show
Stars parade in head-to-toe Gucci
Stars wear boring neutrals at Dior
Louis Vuitton Grand Store Opening at Hyundai Department Store
Please dress appropriately for weddings

Please dress appropriately for weddings

Fansubber’s Top Dramas
Are you addicted to K-dramas?
What line are you?
Star Tips on Sel-ca-ing
How to meet Rain and become his lover

POPSEOUL! Collection
Pretty Boys in Dresses
Pretty Boys in dresses II
Korea’s Natural Beauties I
Korea’s Natural Beauties II
Korea’s Natural Beauties III


34 Comments on “Top Posts”

  1. LongBodyShortLegs says:

    He he. I’m jealous.

  2. blanca says:

    I’m a huge fan of Shin Dong Wook since Soulmates, Cloud Staircase (one of my favorites), War of Money & BR – I like his latest hair style although I liked it longer too or with a hairband is fine by me! He’s cute & handsome no matter what hairstyle he’s got! All the best SDW & hope you make more projects for your avid fans! Aja! Stay as cute & great actor as you are!

  3. lala says:

    Hi just want to say to the creator of this site your too blunt sometimes.I mean i know everyone got their own opinion but you literall diss nearly everyone, and it aint nice to here

  4. angela says:

    i disagree with lala but agree partly.. it seems like popseoul is biast towards their favourite stars.. i guess everyone is biast but when it comes to super junior.. no thanks =/

  5. saralyna says:

    why are people are always bashing against suju..what is wrong with them….well what is wrong with u people..they are entertainers..popseoul is too harsh sometimes ….

  6. romac says:

    just recently discovered this site. Popseoul is blunt most of the times but cool though. You really see the stars in their most unglamorous pictures and it only proves that like us their human too…

  7. nikki says:

    I am happy to hear and get updated.
    I agree that sometimes popseoul is a bit harsh sometimes.
    well anyway keep up the good work.

  8. jO_TVXQ says:

    i love popseoul…
    although sometimes popseouls are a bit sarcatics..
    u update me wif all news bout TVXQ..
    n funny news on SUJU!!!
    keep up the hard work!!!!
    i mean gud work!!

  9. ... says:

    jo_tvxq.. if u want new info of dbsk then go to the soompi forum.. their news are alot faster..

  10. yuri shin says:

    Hmmnn….im so jealous of kim kibum cos he has a pretty girlfriend,Im Yoon Ah frm da girls generation.i wish i was famous lyk him… i’d lyk to kno more about da others,especially dong hae,choi si won n hankyung… i heard dat he got engaged early to a chinese girl.i wonder who she is!!

  11. seung lee says:

    i love popseoul
    partfrom way they write about rain bi….
    and btw rain did not announced that he will not sing in china because it makes more sense if chinese singer sings in beijing olympic, you guys, popseoul just made that article up so you guys can slag about rain! it was korean news report people’s fault… and J-Tune aplosised for that… but rain never announced he will not sing in Beijing Olympic… that’s just pathectic! how can you do that guys! i understand why you hate him but no need to lie and make article up….

  12. shampoo lee says:

    love surfing this website getting intouch with korean celebrities……

    luvyah lee hyori……
    luvyah coffe prince…..
    luvyah fullhouse……..
    luvyah popseoul….

    hallerkies to all……. muah

  13. 인혜 says:

    i know.
    everyone bashes Super Junior 오빠 들. why?? what did they ever do to you?. 처.!

  14. lee phyo says:

    may you every5time for enjoy!
    bye bye!

  15. emo.o16 says:

    can i ask?!..are u against korean stars??…especially SUPER JUNIOR??..because you are being too harsh to them!..making nonsense humor like this and that!!

    what did they ever do to you??…are you PERFECT to say such things to them??..


    wish your happy hurting SUPER JUNIOR and ELF!!

    can i this pops in seoul or just a website of some dumb people who is very shameless!!?..

    and yah!..other people who doesn’t like SUPER JUNIOR,DBSK AND OTHER KOREAN STARS..could you just shut up!..PLEASE!!

    find your own life!’s not your business if we are very crazy about them!! have your own life!..waste it in other things!..


    i curse you to death!..DIE PEOPLE!!..>.<

    sorry for my english grammar if it’s wrong..just wanna defend super junior and other korean stars!!..^-^

  16. julie ann says:

    i like so much
    super junior because its very cool and all of them is
    so cute like dong hase ..donghae its my favorite in all
    members..all fan of super junior
    plesase add me and i have one for thankZz

  17. micky_md says:

    I love micky tvxq so much
    for tvxq fan add me …,

  18. Kim Eun Hee says:

    hey.:) I really salute the people who made this site. it’s so cool. haha. But could you please lessen the insults on Super Junior and DBSK? I mean, they have a lot of fans and I don’t really think those things you have written about them are entirely true. or even if they are, please don’t go over board. Thanks. More power!XD

  19. nightgermani says:

    green letter kitchen minor house are

  20. lwiza 2000 says:

    i ‘am fan for
    song il gook is the best
    but i love a trio
    yeo ho min,bae soo been,and song il gook
    in emperor of the sea and in jumong
    bae soo been is a best actor like song il gook
    i support bae soo been
    mor than song il gook
    because song il gook not need to my support

  21. safia says:

    well,i’m big fan of bigbang…so go bigbang go..

  22. merlion city < bacteria says:


  23. Sky says:

    I’m a Myanmar citizen.But I like korean movies and series.

  24. missglasses says:

    hey, how about adding new catagory–committed suicide? hehehe

  25. please pass …. concerts by big bang of great interest to me … What is XD

  26. uggi says:

    hi der…im uggi 4m bhutan…well,its ma first time in popseoul…but its gr8 to see ur fav.bands,singers etc doin all soft of things like heldin concerts over sea plus promitin fashion etc etc….but im dyin fan of bigbang n tvxq….dis guys really rocks n i really love them..hope i’ll meet them wen i happen to cum to korea…..all i wanna say is u guys keep rockin n love u guys!!!!!peace!

  27. sousou says:

    salut su ji sup

  28. Monica says:

    My favourite wondergirl is SunMi. She is charming, nice, cute, and funny!
    I like her the most! I love and admire all TAURUS people. It is my favourite horoscope!I think all the other members of wondergirls are SUCK! SoHee is ugly, and looks like someone who has mental-disability! Trust me!!!!! There is a girl who looks exactly like SoHee and she has the same horoscope as SoHee. This poor girl in my class has no friends at all. Everyone thinks she is stupid and mean. Trust me, personally I REALLY don’t like SoHee. I don’t like her personality and look. I think she is mean, pretending to be nice in front of everyone. I really don’t like her horoscope as well. I think SoHee is mean to SunMi. She is jealous of SunMi. I can tell by her face. From now on, SoHee should be nice to SunMi, this including all the other members too. SunMi is the best wondergirl and I think everybody should be her number one fans. I did a survey in my school, 90 percent people voted for SunMi as their favourite wondergirl. Everybody knows that SunMi has the most potential! WAY THE GO SUNMI! WE ARE ALL SUPPORTING YOU! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!WE ARE ALL PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!!!! I am in Canada. I am seventeen years old studying in Centennial C.V.I High School in the city Guelph. MANY WHITE PEOPLE KNOWS WONDERGIRLS TOO, AND THEY SAID THAT SUNMI IS THE BEST WONDERGIRL!
    Thank you

  29. marbledcloud says:

    To Korean public: you should protect your talented people!!!

    Moon Geun Young is a cute and talented actress. She has a good heart too, she donates a lot of money for charities
    However, there is a rumor about Moon’s charities. the Korean public is terrible!!!
    Why there is always bad rumor for all of the actress and actors in Korean. The rumors are terrible, which kill so many people such as Choi Jin Sil.
    There should be some law or some act to protect for them, they are just human being anyways, why they have to stand too many bad rumors around their lives and get stressed , depressed and suicide
    The Korean government should protect their reputations as well as doing something to get respectability for the celebrities, otherwise so many innocent people will die

  30. lee rumeyshaaa says:

    hi!my name is lee rumeyshaaa.I m from turkey.
    perfect website….ok

  31. lilo says:

    hi this is not important thing! isit?