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Kim Ah-joong nude picture circulates, but what’s the big deal?


After nipple shots of Son Yeh-jin, the latest actress exposing herself is actress Kim Ah-joong.

The upper body shot behind a blue screen was spotted on an online forum on February 20th. And since then, the picture(s) have circulated like wildfire.

In response to the picture, Kim A-joong’s management, Yedang Entertainment insists that the picture is not Kim A-joong but a composite of another person’s body. How would they know?

A police investigation was requested by her management but the police do not have any record of a claim. Again, Yedang insists that they have filed a claim.

So what is going on?

Could this really be a nude photo of Kim A-joong? With all the dirty business going behind the scenes in the entertainment industry, we wouldn’t be surprised.

Besides, what’s the big deal?


Woman has showed off her assets before:



46 Comments on “Kim Ah-joong nude picture circulates, but what’s the big deal?”

  1. sunsetblow says:

    Ew, she looks like a blowup doll. Lay off the collagen, girl.

  2. julychronicles says:

    oh puhlease!

  3. joelib says:

    Stop being so damn gullible. And you give us this pic and its all blurred how can we tell? LOL wow

  4. elonske says:

    Well ain’t that graphic.
    Looking danm fake.

  5. renzus says:

    It’s definitely NOT her.

  6. sexybabymama says:

    yeah fake assets. how nice.

  7. yukiexx says:

    It’s not her.

  8. xjunebugs says:

    obviously not her.

  9. pouvait says:


  10. evelynlee14 says:

    Being in a bikini does not equal being nude.

  11. annbanana says:

    evelynlee14 – Wow, I typed the exactly same thing before seeing your comment. ;D

    That could be a blow up doll for all we know, haha.

  12. myoungjae says:

    womp womp..who cares..everyone knows what girls are workin with.

  13. Min Tae (Taylor) says:

    sunsetblow I was thinking the exact thing.
    Anyhoot, what is this?

  14. […] scandalous Kim Ah-joong and Jung Woo-sung will star in a made-for-TV movie, “Present,” directed Kim Ji-woon. […]

  15. comet1278 says:

    It’s more likely someone superimposed her head on another woman’s body and claim it’s Ah Joong’s.

  16. kyam7 says:

    i want uncensored so we can judge whether that is is fake or real!
    gosh popseoul!

  17. […] Kim Ah-joong nude picture circulates, but what’s the big deal? After nipple shots of Son Yeh-jin, the latest actress exposing herself is actress Kim Ah-joong. […]

  18. fangweile says:

    isn’t it much better that those pictures is in blurred. Ppl always have a dirty mind. Constanly want to see behind their eyes.

  19. chanchayne says:

    Eh whats the deal? i cant even see if its her.
    and it NOT her.

  20. parcann says:

    that was a fake!

  21. joongishlove says:


  22. […] manner of businesses in the region, and not all of them sexual, so frankly I don’t quite see the fuss over recent photos of a composite of Kim Ah-jung’s (김아중) head on the top half of another woman’s […]

  23. […] why have people been looking for pictures of her recently? Some nude photos of her have been doing the rounds of the internet. Cynics suggest that they were released to […]

  24. tatohchan says:

    Those pictures are totally BLUR!!!!!

  25. hyunjoong4ever says:


  26. Crazykpop says:

    O_o hmmm not her,cuz i cnt tell is tht her or nt

  27. hurm............ says:

    we cant judge her by looking at those pics…
    besides…. BUT……
    seeing her “nude” pics…..sometimes its seems real hehe
    i always imagine how would she being naked….lol im not pervert…just curios….haha3
    compared her boobs from 200 pounds beauty movie…. kinda same………
    ———–The One that Just Talking Nonsense————–

  28. john says:

    only morons could tell or

    the blind ones if its

    kim ah joong or not by judging

    of those blury pics….

    oh paleessss…!

    blury pics? is that a joke?

  29. Ressure says:

    i am 100% sure it is not her,korean isnt a go nude country like china or singapore,do you know that singapore mediacorp actresses go nude too,i found the pics but u dont really nd that as a prove, after watching so many mediacorp shows u should hv witness they go nude ihn their films n breats touching too,same for china but so far i hv never seen an actress go nude on their show so im sure kim ah joong wont do it too so nomatter how hard u find u wont be able to find the nude phots of kim ah joong,how bout this, of all the korea actresses!!!

  30. scout says:

    ew totally fake. this wasnt even woth putting on popseoul. and i agree with Ressure

  31. comet says:

    The actresses in Korean movies do more than just pose nude, so what’s the big hoo-ha about? Double standard, no?

  32. Key says:

    What naked??? I can’t see nothing!!! The only thing i see is the pic with MC Yoo that looks like she isn’t wearing pants!!! OMG!!! Is normal for the stars to do porno!!!

  33. genzzz28 says:

    …shut the fuck u mother fuckin asshole u stupd bastard…get a life on ya damn bitch….dont u ever dare 2 mess that gurl….

  34. Crysle says:

    YAh! definitely not her! well!!! many of them wants Kim ah joong to go down because of her popularity but the thing is no one can! please stop posting nonsense things just to have showbiz…

  35. mhae says:

    ………………..haizt kim ah joong whatz dat it’s so daring naka2loka

  36. aaron says:

    she is not kim,kim not like that,kim must tell the truth

  37. Ermar says:

    not her!! OR edited!!!! i can do that too!!! bastards!

  38. errr-r.-- says:

    fail al dumb fuck

  39. Maia says:

    hm…maybe that pic is edited THEN blurred…neh…i think it its a blow up doll… but its totally not her!

  40. hi ur movie 200 pounds beauty is very nice!! and song’s byul and ave maria!!!! amazing!!!!! have anice day, take care and god bless, good luck

  41. yeah!!!! hmm!!!! totally not her!!!

  42. 200poundbeautyfanatic says:

    I won’t judge those pics coz they’re not clear. If she really is the in those photos, however, I don’t really give a damn. She’s got great body, what’s there to be ashamed of? Just be proud. 😀

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