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Kim Jae-joong: “You keep your head up…..”

and keep [your] open mind”  Was DBSK‘s new song “Keep Your Head Down” about JYJ?

JYJ’s Jae-joong posted the message above and new profile picture on his twitter. Recently,Cassies have been in an uproar about the title and lyrics of DBSK’s (TVXQ) newest single Keep Your Head Down“. They claim the lyrics describing love lost and being forgotten are directly aimed at the members of JYJ(DBSK’s former members).

SM Entertainment explained that the lyrics are not about them and that the song is about a relationship between a man and a woman.

Despite their explanation, Jae-joong is clearing up any misunderstandings about his band.

The title “Keep Your Head Down” does make you think……. What is your opinion about this DBSK-JYJ matter?

Sources: @mjjeje and Star News


16 Comments on “Kim Jae-joong: “You keep your head up…..””

  1. Yoojin'a says:

    why Keep Your Head Down .. when u can Keep Your Head up….

    ok sorry i just didn’t haade any thing 2 say-.-
    btw 1st? ;D ❤ ??

  2. Kttn says:

    My opinion is, they’re supporting each other. EVERY song could be described against each other. This same thing was also debated about with the 2PM controversy. All songs are about lost and painful love, so this discussion is just childish and sad.

  3. Dovey says:

    Why is the song titled as such? It sounds kind of weird. I haven’t heard the song nor have I looked over the lyrics yet though.

  4. Puppylova says:

    The title is weird.Why would you say something like that to your gf? ‘keep your head down,baby, who do you think you are, do such things to me?’ it’s like a boss talking to his employee or something..

  5. sueparanlily says:

    jyj+homin=dbsk forever….
    always keep the faith!!!!!!

  6. acid says:

    i think.. it doesn’t matter if keep ur head up or long as it was not came from cHANGMIN AND YUNHO’s heart. The most problematic person or individual is the songwriter. Y we must follow him and listen something which is totally bullshit from him/her. Just pretend that this song or album is made for us as a fanz of TVXQ. So no matter what happen, tvxq will rise again. No Jyj or Homin.. Tvxq. Just keep in faith on them.

  7. mrs moon says:

    by d way, jaejoong’s pic is awkward. yeah, it’s hot n evrything but having DAT face wit DAT body…..emmm… Kim Joong Kook having big muscular body but has soft mosquito voice.

  8. Tia Maria Sinclair Joosiah Banana says:

    Whay about “You keep your shirt on”…. or go to the gym?

  9. Nara says:

    I screamed for that pic !!

  10. watie says:

    I know big bang first cause i’m late in kpop. I know tvxq cause they controvesi… After I see tvxq new mv, I know why most people say tvxq no.1 male group. I like snsd and be they fan cause they song, skill and also they strong friendships. They friendships the most strong in group that I have see. That also make they success even they hard…really hard time. Now, I like tvxq too, they uniq that another group not have but they friendships not strong enough. But, even I snsd fan… I admit and agree that tvxq not only no1 male group but also the best group korea have even now they just 2 member. Congz tvxq…

  11. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    He’s so hot……

  12. […] band explains the true meaing behind their comeback single “Keep Your Head Down”. Was JYJ mentioned? On January 8th, DBSK revealed the meaning behind their latest controversial […]

  13. […] band explains the true meaing behind their comeback single “Keep Your Head Down”. Was JYJ mentioned? On January 8th, DBSK revealed the meaning behind their latest controversial […]

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