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Jinu and Kim Jun Hee call it quits too


Jinusean’s Jinu (35) and actress Kim Jun Hee (30) filed for divorce only after two years of marriage. The supposedly “picture perfect” couple called it quits due to “irreconcilable differences”.

Two divorces in one day. So what else is new in Hallyuwood?

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49 Comments on “Jinu and Kim Jun Hee call it quits too”

  1. janepak says:

    noooooooooooooo why jinu why~

  2. monalisa says:

    Marriage is no longer sacred?

  3. smile says:

    ahhh what about their kid??? in divorces, the kids are the ones stuck in the middle… what a pity

  4. sarah says:

    too bad 😦

    sean’s wife is very pretty tho i must say i hope he makes it last

    i hope korea doesnt turn into the USA hollywood, marry em, dump em kind of place

  5. kate says:

    I have to admit Hallyuwood is pretty clever.

    @smile: They do not have any children. There some complications or something about that..

  6. SZA says:

    aw..that’s sad..i still remembering their happily picture in their wedding..

  7. Zee says:

    Divorces all around.

  8. for real says:

    girl look like she’s after something. she has that evil look…i bet she left him cuz he’s not making much in the music industry?

  9. EG says:

    Halluywood turning to hollywood

  10. EG says:

    Do they have a kid?

  11. Julie says:

    they had a miscarriage last year…hopefully its not bcause of that

  12. EG says:

    ooooh thats sad
    I know Sean have a two kid
    he have a beautiful family
    is Sean’s wife is actress too ?

  13. Beckbeck says:

    Aww that’s too sad. I feel like a horrible fan for not knowing Jinu’s wife miscarried 😦

  14. jennie says:

    holy lord…tsk tsk tsk…now jinu is single and still lookin hot..well, @ least @ the yg one concert

  15. xxx says:

    soo many korean actresses getting divorced this days.. lol, who’s next?.. just kidding..

  16. hwanheeholic says:

    awwwwww why???
    i remember watching a house tour of their house and they were so cute together!! 😦

  17. simplyYours says:

    dang. i swore i was just watching their wedding online.
    its unfortunate. hows the kiddo doing tho? im sure they have one child..right?

  18. livecorn says:

    wait i thought his wife named was Jung Hye Young. so confuses now

  19. ohgeeze. says:

    Aw. That sucks.
    Well. Best of luck to them both.

  20. Joanne says:

    Omfg. Jinussi. D:
    That’s… Omfg.
    What is this.
    u u

  21. Brina says:

    OMFG did she have a miscarriage? If thats true, sometimes those type of things can really take a toll on any relationship.

  22. marmar says:

    hallyuwood is the perfect world to describe the hallyu stars.
    They are following the footsteps of the Hollywood celebs.

  23. DEO says:

    This is really sad. I wish them both the best in the midst of it.

  24. moo says:


    that’s so sad. I watched their wedding back then, and they were so happy… =(

    i was so rooting for them to last; they looked so sweet together.

    oh well, i wish both of them all the best!

    (on the other hand, i’m a little (just a teeny weeny bit) happy coz Jinu oppa is single again! typical fangirl LOL)

    don’t be mistaken tho, i’m not happy they divorced. as a fan of jinusean, i’ve always wished them the best in their personal lives.

    Just like Sean. I’m glad he stuck it out with Jung Hye Young; they have 2 adorable kids and still going strong. =)

  25. penguin_x3 says:

    dude I’m so stupid…hahah..I was like “Jinu? I heard of that name before” I kepted on staring at it and when the blog came on I was like “OMFG” hahaha I feel shame on me for not knowing it was him…maybe cause he looks a tad bit different in that picture…DAMN divorce? It’s okay he can come cry on my shoulders *wink* She looks like she’s going to cash in all his money in that picture

  26. thecoolest says:

    Jung Hye Young is the wife of Sean. They have two kids.

    I thought Jinu and KJH had one kid and one miscarriage?

  27. Taejus says:

    you know it wasn’t working for them from the start. They probably got bored with eachother.



  28. daniel says:

    i don’t think they have any kids. she had a miscarriage due to stress from overworking on her shopping mall.

    there are already some rumors sprouting about her eep!

  29. anon says:

    She had an affair, but he’s being nice about the divorce.

  30. Kitty says:

    She lost their child in 3 month ^^’ I think this is the reason why they cant live together anymore.. ^^’

  31. Jackie says:

    oh good he’s on the market!

  32. Xtineee. says:


  33. Dominique says:

    aww thats sad..

    ANYWAYS *when will jinu be coming back 2 america?*

    -gets ready LOL

    he is fioneeeeeeeee especially at the YG one concert, he lost weight, he got his swag on full blast..let me know!

  34. Cindel says:

    @Anon: Are you serious about that? She had an affair?

    I think it sad but you can tell by their interview for her Evamens fashion show. She fell out of love with him.

    Also someone posted an article at soompi stating that she hated to hear that her business was expanding just b/c she was Jinu’s wife.

    @Dominique: Jinu is in American right now. He’s with Se7en.

  35. Cindel says:

    ^*** America

  36. sandy says:

    I knew it! I googled them a few months ago to see if they were divored and again last night and I see this today! She stopped doing her mini homepage, stopped modeling for her online store, chopped all her hair off and stopping wearing her ring. I know that doesn’t mean divorce but it just seemed really weird.

  37. Song says:

    man, everybody’s getting divorced, so stupid.

  38. Jane. says:

    If people aren’t ready for commitment, they shouldn’t go on and marry. The divorce rates nowadays are ridiculous. Anyways, the girl looks like a pig with that nose up so high,.

  39. Molly moua says:

    he still sexy. haha. don’t they have kids? or is it sean?

  40. anon says:

    She had an affair. And she tried to get everything she could get out of his family but his parents put a stop to it. She should be grateful no one in his family is exposing her true colors. They are classy enough to do that.

  41. tingyin says:

    What’s wrong with her nose?

  42. anon says:

    Now I regret posting, but can’t retract. She is no doubt miserable too. Divorce is really devastating to both parties, no matter whose better or worse. and marriage is sacred. The vow is better or worse, richer, poorer, sickness, health. For a woman, its prob harder to remarry in Korea. So lets just say that she prob has had punishment enough.

  43. umm says:

    Kim Jun Hee looks a little like Harisu in that picture…

  44. EG says:

    Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh she had a affair…….

  45. OMG says:

    lose baby, cheats on hubby, bails the whole thing…wow. slow the heck down before the train wrecks any further. sometimes it sucks to get older and find yourself knees-deep in sh!t you only saw other people having.

  46. phuonglili says:

    Congratulation! both of your blog, and this post are high ranked in
    “The top blogs of the day” report

  47. han says:

    is divorce on fashion in korea or what? seriously those korean screen writer needs to write a good script about this

  48. se7enfan says:


  49. Eunice says:

    Whaaaaaat?!?!?! They seemed so devoted… one of the few couples that did…

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