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BoA Shows Off Her True Colors For Cosmopolitan

Ready to make her big Hollywood movie debut in the upcoming film “Cobu 3D,” BoA teams up with makeup artist Jung Saem-mool, for the April issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

From green and orange colors, BoA poses using the words  ‘unique,’ ‘energetic,’ ‘changeable,’ and ‘mature’ as the main theme of the photoshoot.

What do you think of BoA‘s colorful photoshoot?

Source: Nate


48 Comments on “BoA Shows Off Her True Colors For Cosmopolitan”

  1. ElyseBelle says:

    She has such a great face with clear features and proportioned bone structure! It’s got crazy styling and colors, but she’s a naturally beautiful girl anyway.

    • piano says:

      what exactly do you mean by natural?

      • Feck_U says:

        lol XD

      • ElyseBelle says:

        Haha I mean as in no need for any cosmetic surgeries? And if she were to wear no make up she would have a good canvas nonetheless. Buuuuut that could be debated until the end of the world also I’m sure:D.

        • SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

          i think she did some surgery during the middle of her comeback a long time ago. But i could be wrong…

          • cobu 3d says:

            She had nothing done. She just getting older.. you face changes from 13 to 24 ^^

            • Jam says:

              Yes, your face goes from being round to being pointy, and your nose goes from being low to high.. and this all happens between the ages of 13 to 24…just like that other person said. *cough* utter bollocks *cough*

              • ElyseBelle says:

                I agree. My face was so full and chubby I looked fat in the face but my body was so thin. Now that I’ve gotten older and in my 20s now, my eyes are huge, nose is slender and sharper, and my jawline is what the V-line is as they call it. I looked out of wack and out of balance, I thank God for balancing me out. It’s only going to get better with age:). BoA has always been slim but her facial structure has also just matured. I’ve seen her all her career life so it’s safe to say she is only balanced out. Plus she burns tons of calories each show…I’d have abs like heres if I did the same with such a rigorous schedule!!!

  2. piano says:

    I’ve absolutely no interest in her, she’s korean. If she was a bit josunjuky then maybe I’d reconsider.

  3. lala says:

    wow she looks so good with that edgy orange hair!

  4. WonderfulBlackSONE says:

    Why should it matter what her race is? well anyways, BoA is very beautiful (:

  5. hale luana says:

    to “piano”………..if you have “absolutely no interest in her, she’s korean”……what the hell are you doing in this room, much less taking the time to read this page and posting a reply. As i’ve said before…..too much time on people’s hands…..must suck living off your parent’s incomes w/ nothing better to do than to read and posting responses to things you have “totally no interest in”…..You should really get a life…..BUT….it may already be too late….. I was going to conclude w/ the fact that i felt sorry for you, but i feel sorry for humanity that you were raised this way, by equally pathetic parents…..Please do all of us a favor and don’t breed..

    • piano says:

      Thanks, but just because you’ve got a fetish for koreans, doesn’t mean you should get angry at everyone who doesn’t.

      • OOOOKaaayy! says:

        @ piano even if u dont like her but, disliking her because of her race is disrespectful and offensive. @ hale luana the parent thing was harsh but the breeding part was on point.

        • piano says:

          What you’re doing there is defending a race which you’re hoping to become a part of when that k-farmer chooses you out of his bridal catalogue. You’re defending koreans in expectation of defending your farmer husband.

          It’s quite simple.

  6. Zero says:

    Her film is going to epically flop especially since both of the leads are not actors are pretty unknown. She should focus on Korean singing career since her last album didn’t a single hit single and was few thousands copy from being a flop. And her Japanese has gotten to the point where she is probably a burden on AVEX and all her cf deals are drying. To add on that she looks so old for twenty four it sucks to have peaked at the age of 17.

    • Chuchu says:

      Zero, you hit it right on the head. People aren’t going to the movies to spend money anymore the way they use to. We’re in a recession. When Americans do choose a movie, they are choosing movies with established actors and actresses. They are also choosing family entertainment movies as opposed to dance movies. Even Disney, which generally does well, has had a couple flops recently. She should really focus on being an actress in Korea. Have you notice most of her career has been OUTSIDE of Korea?

      • piano says:

        Americans watch shyt army recruitment propaganda about maverick americans saving the world from aliens with an M16 and a few grenades.

        It’s their way of absconding from reality and promoting the american way, when the looting after Hurricane Katrina was massive and in Japan next to zero.

        • Mylan Harris says:

          I feel like you are offending the American race, pretty much saying that we recruit army members through movie propaganda. I am gravely disgusted.. I find your comments rude and racist. American join the military to stand up and fight for their country. Same for Koreans, they go out and fight for their country. And what the hell are you talking about when you said that we basically don’t care about Japan? The American Red Cross was the first to donate, plus we sent 10 large army ships full of rice, water, blankets, etc, yet you have failed to see that point. Realize the AMERICAN word in that Red Cross title. We’ve donated over 5 million to Japan. We have soldiers over there helping them out, even though it isn’t our country. Its because we are allies. Don’t come at us Americans like that. I feel offended from both angles, me being a Korean-American. GTFO of here with that non-sense.

          That all.
          -le pewf-

          • table says:

            Well, let’s look at the films which the US military paid substantial amounts for, and reserved the final agreement to production on then shall we:
            a) Armageddon
            b) Transformers 1 & 2
            c) GI Joe
            … and the list goes on and on.

            They basically provide funds and usage of US military equipment in order to ensure that they are painted in a positive light and their equipment is seen to be the best. These films are recruitment propaganda for the military, they know it, we all know it, the entertainment companies know it, so how do you not know it? Why do disgusted by something which has been well known and accepted for years and years?

            Like in South Korea, Japan is a de-facto military colony of the USA so you didn’t send anything anywhere, your military was already there in huge numbers.

            The american red cross is often first to ‘claim’ to donate, and often very little of it ever arrives. In fact, americans give less per capita to charity than any other developed and undeveloped countries. Even most of your government ‘foreign aid’ goes to israel (one of the richest countries in the world) and other countries run by pro-USA despots.

            You can be disgusted with people knowing this, but it’s just disgust against people who know the truth, something you seem to have no got to grasp with in your understanding of ‘hollywood propaganda’. Anyways, we’ll let you get back to thinking the USA can save the world from aliens and that hurricane katrina wasn’t full of americans left to die.

            • Chuchu says:

              Bottom line is this….BOA’s movie will flop because no one will watch it except people that know her and are willing to spend a high price for a movie ticket. Both movies Rain starred in were flops. Thanks to Time Magazine naming him one of the most influential people in the world, he is way more known in the west than she is.

              Besides, we have a lot of Asian people right here in the USA who are talented and who can speak English without me having to read subtitles which I would need to understand her bad English.

              As for movies Americans make, everyone knows Hollywood and Americans created the movie industry. Americans make more than military movies eitherwise Hollywood would not be as successful as it is. YES, we have the best military in the world!! Don’t be jealous. Deal with it! LOL!

              • table says:

                I’m not jealous, the more you spend on military, the less I have to spend on taxes… so why would I be jealous. it’s just basic leverage.

                The fact is, americans haven’t made a decent movie in years. Pretty much every movie they make is about some guy with a gun shooting something or someone. It’s all they’re cognitively capable of watching when maxed out on that much prozac.

                I’m dealing with it very well thanks.

              • cobu 3d says:

                I didn’t bother even reading your whole post because by the time I reach sentence 3 your are delusional. First of all Rain’s movie had nothing to do with dance or singing. For some reason kids eat this “step up” type movies so it will not flop. And if you say only her fans will see then duh.. and BoA is an international superstar so if only her fans see it then millions will see it.

                • Jam says:

                  BoA is terrible… she hasn’t sung anything good since she did “No.1” which was about 50 years ago. This movie is going to be straight-to-dustbin.

            • K says:

              You seem to have a real hatred for America (bigot?). Or an extreme dislike. Sure, there are many wrongdoings of the USA, but what country doesn’t have their huge flaws or corruptions? Also, no one’s that big of an idiot to believe aliens or inception is real. War movies are also entertaining if they tell a lesson, and promote interest in its travesties.

              • table says:

                They are also propaganda. Look at “Saving Private Ryan” it had no mention of either a) the huge number of commonwealth troops involved in the D-day landings b) that pretty much all of the german military were busy fighting the russians at the time, and the real reason europe was saved from nazi rule was the sacrifices of the russian military during this period in engaging with 90% of the german ground troops.

                Hmm.. telling a factually incorrect lesson…smells like propaganda to me.

    • K says:

      I agree. Terrible rivalry dance movies are a dime a dozen, and forgotten just as easily.

  7. Chuchu says:

    By the way, I really love the last 3 photos. Too bad she’s too short to be a real model. She has a pretty face eventhough it’s mostly fake.

  8. dun-dun-dunnn!! says:

    she looks so beautiful here i hope her film does well…and why would anybody be here posting negative comments if they didnt even like her to begin with

    • piano says:

      Why would you post positive comments if you liked her to begin with? Equally as questionable behaviour, because BoA isn’t reading this blog.

  9. ashley says:

    I love all the pictures they look cool

  10. smoothscorpion says:

    my best singer ever i love her too much no matter what she do she’ll be my number one(^_^)

  11. Mylan Harris says:

    I am a huge fan of BoA ever since I heard “every heart” from inuyasha. I absolutely love her song “Eat You Up” and “Copy and Paste”.

    -BoA Hwaiting!!!-

  12. dun-dun-dunnn!! says:

    in that case why are any of us commenting on these photos?

  13. sweetgirl1990 says:

    I used to like her then for some reason I started finding her as a stuck up person

    • Chuchu says:

      Exactly, that is why I don’t really care for her. I think most westerners will see through that fake image she puts forth in Asia. I saw her in an interview when she was trying to break into the American music industry. She was sooooo snooty…I was like Ugh…what a stuck up “B”. Initially, I wrote it off as her being nervous or that there were some type of cultural differences. But then I saw her in another interview and she came across as stuck up again. After reading several things about her in Korean forums about how she treats support people (make up artist, back up dancers, etc.), my thoughts on her were right. As she became more famous and as the CEO of SME put her on a peddle stool, her personality changed for the worse.

  14. SuperJuniorLover6666666666 says:

    i’ve been a fan of BoA ever since she debuted as a teen. She’s still amazing now!
    She’s so awesome

  15. Nigar says:

    she looks great

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